5 Last-Minute Holiday Video Gift Ideas

Moira West


When you’re looking at the calendar, and there are literally zero shopping days left before the holidays hit, not to worry — you’ve still got options. Take a look at our list of last-minute video ideas for a meaningful gift that’ll surprise, delight, and even amuse!

Video gift ideas for the holidays

1. Gift Card Announcement

A gift card is always a foolproof gesture, especially when you're down to the wire for holiday shopping. Whether you email a gift card you purchased online or send your gift card through the postal service, use video to let your recipient know they have some holiday cheer coming their way.

Customize our Last-Minute Gift Card Promo and include details like where it can be used and how much it’s worth.

2. Blast from the past

Pull out your old photos and create a video that helps you connect with loved ones and remind them of the way things were, way back when. Make it sentimental by sharing heartfelt memories from Christmases past or add humor by including holiday trends that have come and gone. (Great Aunt Kathy’s red and green Jello mold doesn’t need to make a comeback anytime soon.)

Use our Mini-Photo Session for fast and easy holiday-themed video creation.

3. Year in review

Though you may send out a year in review for your annual holiday card, this is a little different. It’s more of a video album celebrating your year’s highlights and a gift your family can come back to again and again. Make it a present for parents, children, friends, or significant others to celebrate the life you shared together this past year. If you need a little help getting started, check out our This Year's Moments template for inspiration.

4. Recipe

Got someone who loves your cookies but can’t seem to follow a written recipe? Make it easy on them. Put all the dry ingredients in a mason jar and tie it up with a bow. Then create a video version of the recipe that they can play as they bake. That way, even a loved one with zero skills in the kitchen can have tasty, homemade baked goodies. Create your video using one of our recipe video templates:

5. Family history

If you’ve got a pile of old family memorabilia at home, here’s a simple last-minute idea for you: create a genealogical video using the photos and artifacts you already have, giving your loved one access to the family history. Use our Business Story template and include images of newspaper clippings, handwritten notes, photos from old yearbooks, and more. Add corresponding descriptions so family members can easily follow along.

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