Sports Photography Tips for Parents with Any Type of Camera



For activities that are such a large part of many kids’ lives, sports sure can be tough to photograph.

But the truth is, you don’t need a sophisticated camera–or even any special skills–to document the big game.  Simply look below, find your camera of choice, and try out these tips at your next sporting event.


The Camera on Your Phone

  • When taking video, hold your phone horizontally, not vertically.  Your video clips will look much better when you plug them into your Animoto video later.
  • Hold your phone with two hands to reduce camera shake.
  • If you have Dropbox downloaded onto your computer, you can change the settings so that your photos sync automatically when you charge your plug in your phone.


We’ve all got one of these lying around.  These cameras are basic but still powerful.

  • Flash can actually help when taking outdoor shots in daylight, because it evens out the lighting. Just try not to use it inside!
  • Your camera probably has a bunch of modes and settings you don’t even know about. Look for one called “Action” or “Kids” when you’re trying to capture objects in motion.
kids sports photography


  • Use a fast shutter speed to capture the quick-moving action on the field.
  • Pick a long lens
  • Wide aperture from sidelines

Tips Everyone Should Keep in Mind

  • Know the sport.  If you have an idea of where the ball is going to be next, you can position yourself in the ideal spot.
  • Keep the sun at your back.
  • Get low.  Photos taken from where you’re crouching on the sidelines will feel closer to the action than those taken from stadium seats.
  • Take a lot of photos.  You may not know if you’ve gotten that perfect shot until after the game.


Final Steps

The natural next step here is to pick your best photos and put them in a video!  This is a great excuse to try out The Arena video style if you haven’t already.  Then share your creation with family and the rest of the team to get everyone pumped for the next game!

Whether the kids in your life are varsity athletes or playing rec. soccer for the first time, don’t let past photography struggles prevent you from trying again.  The Animoto video you’ll be able to make after will be so worth it!

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