Away from Your Kids? Say Goodnight with a Bedtime Video

Beth Forester


Parents with young kids know just how important bedtime rituals are, both for helping little ones wind down from the day, and for establishing a consistent routine. But when a parent is away from home for an extended trip, some of those activities can sometimes fall by the wayside.

That’s where video comes in, because with a little creativity, some rituals — especially storytime — can stay intact. Here’s an example we created, starring one of the awesome dads on our team. In this video, you’ll watch Jerome as he reads aloud one of his son’s favorite books. (Note: You’ll notice we cut out most of the book around the 00:35 mark, for the sake of brevity. Ideally, of course, you’d want to read the whole book — just as you would in person.)

Young children often love seeing themselves in photos and on video (the concept is still a bit “magical” to them), so we mixed in some photos of Jerome and his son together. Doing so can give the child a sense that they’re actually a part of the video, and make them feel extra special knowing it was created just for them.

So when you can’t be home to maintain a bedtime routine, video gives you a creative way to let your kids know you’re still a part of their day, and that you’re thinking of them while you’re away.

Do you have any ideas for using video for your kids’ bedtime routine? Let us know in the comments below!

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