iPhone Photography Apps You Need Right Now

Becky Brooks


Best accessories to turn your iPhone into a Photo Powerhouse

iPhone 4 Camera Quality

iPhone 4 , the phone that “changed everything” ….again. It’s true we were all excited about the multitasking OS, the retinal display and the sleek form factor, but one thing that got lost in the frenzy was the iPhone 4ʼs brand new camera. We think thatʼs a shame because itʼs a great little camera. With a 5-megapixel sensor, auto focus, auto white balance, and a cute little L.E.D flash, you finally have a full-fledge point-and-shoot in your pocket everywhere you go. As the great Chase Jarvis once said, “the best camera is the one that’s with you”.

Great images are an important part of each Animoto video, which is why we’re excited to show you how to turn this great little camera into the best point-and-shoot you ever had.

For the Casual

These apps will make taking pictures on your iPhone 4 easier and more fun. Best of all, they’re all free!

iPhone Photography Apps

For the Aspiring

These apps will get the most out of your iPhone camera, simple, powerful image editing on the fly, all while leaving your bank account largely intact.

iPhone Aspiring Photography Apps

For the Obsessed

These are iPhone attachments, not iPhone apps. Yes, they will mock you. Yes, it looks completely ridiculous. But who will take the best pictures EVER? You will. You will.

Photography Attachments for iPhone

Learn more about how to turn your photos into beautiful videos.