When it comes to birthdays, I like to give a video rather than a traditional birthday card. It shows more thought went into the sentiments I’m sharing, and makes the whole birthday greeting more personal. But just in case you’re stumped for what to say for an upcoming birthday, here are five creative birthday video ideas for you to try:

1. Share a blast from the past

Find your oldest, most “way back when” photos and video clips and put them together with a song that reminds you of times gone by. Your birthday boy or girl will feel like they’re watching old home movies, but with a heartfelt birthday wish included.

Song: “Come Clean” by Andrea Perry and Sarah Sharp

2. Sing your birthday wishes

If you can’t be there to sing “Happy Birthday” in person, why not share a video with your own soundtrack? Record you, or even a group of friends or family, singing as an mp3, and then upload the track to Animoto. For example, this year I knew we were going to miss my father’s birthday due to travel, so I downloaded an app that let me record my daughter singing “Happy Birthday,” and added a few pictures of the two of them together to make his birthday special, even though we were apart.

3. Mine social media for material

If you can’t find good photos or video clips on your camera or computer, social media may be what you need. Connect Animoto to Facebook, then grab the images and video clips you need to build a thoughtful video. For my husband’s last birthday, I took images from my social media accounts to create the video below, and I never had to hunt down printed photos or even search through my digital images.

Song: “Birthday Boy” by Amber Gold

4. Recap a birthday party

Even after a big birthday bash, you can keep the celebration alive by creating a video of the party. Just collect images and video clips yourself and turn them into a sweet slideshow for the person having a birthday (and family and friends, too). For instance, check out how this little boy’s family created an adorable slideshow to remember his sixth birthday party.

Song: “Birthday Boogaloo” by Ali Handal (Male)

5. Get your pets involved

Pets are part of the family, too! And while they may not be able to appreciate the video themselves, a pet’s birthday video gives you a beautiful digital keepsake to remember times gone by with your furry friend. We created a video celebrating my daughter’s pet, Miles, but you could also make a video as a gift from a loved one’s pet and share photos of both owner and pet together.

Song: “Cherry Street” by The Icarus Account

If you’ve made a creative birthday video (or have a great idea for one), we’d love to see it! Share a link in the comments below, or reach out on Facebook or Twitter by tagging @Animoto.