Video is an incredible medium for sentimental messages with an emotional punch. Put pictures and video clips of you and your loved one to music, and you’ve already got a winning formula.

Make a great video for your loved one in 4 easy steps.

  1. The first step is to round up some pictures and video clips. They don’t need to be perfect, but if you’ve got a particularly good one set it aside to use at the end/climax of your video.
  2. Next, choose your favorite Animoto video style. We’ve got three for Valentine’s Day, or go with a more basic one if that’s your style.
  3. The song you choose can change the feel of your video. Try different songs to find the one that perfectly reflects your message.
  4. Storytelling is always the hard part of the video, but it doesn’t have to be! Check out below some typical narratives that people use for their Valentine’s videos.

Love List: List all of the ways or all of the reasons you love them.


Simple Slideshow: Not feeling too creative? Go with a standard slideshow of your best pictures together.


Tell a Story: Retell the story of your meeting or tell the story of what your lives will become.


If you’re stuck, think of it as a video greeting card.

What’s nice about the classic greeting card format is that it works so well in video. Physical greeting cards are built on suspense: you read the first half of the message on the front cover, and then you open it up to get the rest of the message.

Use a title card early in your video to create suspense, then make your loved one wait through few pictures, then give the final resolution. Here are three ideas:

There’s something I don’t tell you enough… [show photos here] …I love you!

You + me + lots of years = [show photos here] Wrinkly you + wrinkly me + happy memories!

We met, we fell in love, time flew… [show photos here] …and I wouldn’t change a thing.

Watch this video for inspiration then create your Valentine’s Day video.

Valentine's Day

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