Let’s face it, dads are hard to shop for. Father’s Day is coming up and your dad or father figure probably doesn’t need another “#1 Dad” mug or BBQ set. What he does need is a laugh.

Instead of posting a throwback photo on June 21st with the same generic caption everyone else will be using, take a look back at awesome memories you and your dad have shared together, and give him a chuckle by recreating family photos for an Animoto video. Bonus points if you can get your other family members involved!

Here are 3 simple guidelines on how to recreate family photos:

Curate Your Costume

We’re guessing you probably won’t still fit into the clothes you were wearing in your old photos, so you’ll have to get creative. In the photo below, one brother went as far as to recreate the t-shirt he was wearing. If you can’t find or make a replica, focus more on matching colors textures, like he did with the sweatshirt around his waist.
Photo: Then-And-Now.tumblr.com


Attention to Detail

What gives these types of photos their visual impact is the close attention to detail. When you’re getting ready to pose, take some time to study the original photo. Look at the way everyone is standing, how the photo is lit and what expressions are on people’s faces. Write down the first 5 things you notice when looking at the photo, and then 5 more background details. Challenge yourself to include as many of the background details as you can.
Photo: Wilma Hurskainen


Editing & Filters

You can use basic editing skills to help make your recreated photos look more like the original, by changing the brightness, sharpness, and tone. Chances are, the original photo was taken on a film camera so adding filters will help you achieve that look if you’re shooting with a digital camera or smartphone.
Photo: Irena Werning (irenawerning.com)


Once you’ve recreated a handful of memories, choose an Animoto video style and song and get started with your video. We also recommend using the image pacing feature to slow down transitions between photos to give your dad a chance to take in the full effect.

We compiled our favorite recreated family photos into this example video — check it out:

Get creative and make something special this Father’s Day that Dad and the whole family will get a kick out of.

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