How to Make a Great Road Trip Video

Megan Etzel

Road Trip

Road trips are an all American staple – they embody the saying that life is a journey, not a destination. Why not capture these memories in a video?

Here are some unique ways to share your photos, taking your friends and family along for the ride.

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Friends on a Road Trip

Document the preparations.

Document your preparations for the trip. Take photos of things like roadmaps, directions, snacks, coolers, and the impressive way in which you’ve managed to shove your entire bedroom into your truck space. This will give a great before and after effect when you create your video.

Shoot in episodes.

Rather than taking all of your photos in just a few places, be sure to spread out your photos by taking at least one or two pictures every place you visit. This will make your video seem more like a journey, as the viewer will get a better sense of the time it took and the amount of miles traveled.

Capture all things wacky and unusual.

Crocodile Rock

It’s a no brainer to take ample photos of the biggest ball of twine located in Minnesota, but also don’t forget to document any interesting people you encounter, funny signs, inside jokes etc. You can laugh together later at that picture of you becoming BFFs with a gang of Harley Davidson bikers or when that hilarious sign “Geriatric Happy Hour 3 to 5” shows up in your video.

Shoot from different perspectives.

Shooting from the same perspective becomes repetitive, so be sure to include variety. Include wide shots, medium shots and close ups. You could also utilize angles and distance to create hilarious photos. So instead of taking a picture of a donut shop, why not have your friend stand at a distance of the giant donut sign and have them open their mouth wide as if they’re chowing down on the donut?

Include video clips.

Take video of telephone poles, cows, fields, etc. whizzing by. The video aspect will drive home the point that you’re on the move. You could also take video of an unexpecting backseat passenger with their mouth wide open and drooling. Just be sure not to be in the same room as the person when they finally see the finished product!

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