Share Your Summer Getaway Video

Becky Brooks


summer travel video

Summer is a great time to travel and make memories. That means taking lots of photographs and videos!

But how to share it with friends and family? We have a solution for you– make an Animoto video!

I made this video during a recent visit to Philadelphia using the free Animoto iPhone app. I actually created it in about 10 minutes on the train ride back home!

Because of my slight addiction to Instagram, by the end of the trip I had tons of great photos that showed all the sites I checked out while in the city of Brotherly Love.

Philly Share video

A great part of making an Animoto travel video is that you get to look through all your images as you’re making it, and relive those fun moments even after the getaway is over.  Writing captions for your photos can help you record your favorite things and feelings about the adventure.

The last step is the most important: when your video is complete, share it with friends and family who couldn’t be with you!

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