5 Gifts You Can Create with Your Family Photos

Moira West


A personal gift full of photos featuring loved ones is always a surefire hit. But, rather than buying a simple frame this year, why not get a bit creative? Take a look at these five ideas for turning old family photos into gifts that’ll be treasured for generations to come.

5 Gifts You Can Create with Your Family Photos


Need a quick, uncomplicated project but want something that’ll still be personalized and special? With just a few craft supplies, you can turn digital family photos into coasters that bring back family memories every time you lay a glass down on them. Take a look at the how-to video below for the ins and outs of the project.

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Photo wreath

One way to frame your photos while still creating a thoughtful and interesting gift is by adding framed images to a wreath. It’ll show your loved ones that you made an effort to build their gift and, at the same time, will give them an elegant way to display family photos. If you want to give it a try, check out Jenn Erickson’s free tutorial on her blog, Jennuine.


For a portable gift that family can view anywhere and enjoy again and again, try a video made with your old photographs. Celebrate a birthday or other special event, send holiday greetings, as blogger and photographer Kristen Duke does in the video below, or just put together a personal video to say I love you.

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Want to let a family member know you’re always with them? Let them know you’ve got them covered with a photo blanket. While you can make a quilt yourself using photos if you’re crafty, you can also find quilters who’ll create one for you, like Patchwork Photo Quilts, who created the quilt below.

Christmas ornament

If you’re looking for a gift for the holidays, one way to bring back happy memories year after year is to create a holiday ornament. Check out the tutorial from Virginia Fynes of Fynes Designs if you’d like to make your own glass photo ornament this year.

Do you have a creative way you’ve used old photographs? Share it with us in the comments below. If you’ve already given an Animoto video as a gift, we’d love to see it! Leave it in the comments below or share it with us on Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag #MyAnimoto. We’ll reshare our faves.