5 DIY Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Moira West


I’ve given my dad a lot of Father’s Day gifts over the years, but his favorites were always the ones I made myself. The time and effort I put in always meant more than anything I could have bought him. So this year, why not forget the tie and take a look at our list of do-it-yourself gifts that your dad will love:

  1. Homemade shaving cream. Want a gift your dad will use all the time? Give homemade shaving cream a try. This gift is easy to make and will be better for your dad’s skin than any store-bought brands. The blog Food for my Family has a simple rosemary mint shaving cream recipe, but you could adapt your version with whatever scents you think Dad’ll like. And so that we don’t leave out bearded dads, a homemade beard oil, like this one from Lifesanity, is a good alternative to shaving cream.

    Courtesy Food for my Family
  2. Coffee kit. Mom, if you’re helping little ones make a gift for Dad, try this: buy a plain white mug at a thrift store or the dollar store and some ceramic paint from the craft store, and let your kids get creative! Mom Advice has simple instructions that show you exactly how to help your kids paint a mug for Dad. Add to that a few chocolate spoons (try Domestically Blissful recipe), and you’ve got a tasty set Dad can use when he drinks his coffee.

    Making a coffee mug
  3. Animoto video. Collect your family photos and video clips, and put together a video card that’ll make even the toughest dads get a little bit misty. The best part? Dad can enjoy the video again and again, and even share it with friends and family. We’ve got plenty of ways to personalize your video. Change add or take away photos, change colors, and adjust text however you like to create a custom Father's Day video like the one below.

  4. Decorated t-shirt. Even though ties are more traditional for Father’s Day, this year why not give Dad something comfy to wear? This gift will be a hit even if you’re a grown-up kid, but it’s an especially good project for children. For inspiration, take a look at how the Dallas Moms Blog was able to create a cool looking tee with just tape and acrylic paint.

    World's Best Dad Tee
  5. Barbecue rub. If you’ve got a father who loves to barbecue, here’s an easy gift — a barbecue rub for his next cookout, packaged in a mason jar and tied up with a bow. Since Father’s Day falls during cookout season, it’s a gift he’ll have plenty of opportunity to use. Get started with these recipes from Real Simple that work for almost any occasion.

    BBQ Rub

Finally, don’t forget the easiest do-it-yourself Father’s Day gift — a little time with your dad. He’ll probably appreciate a chance to connect with you more than anything you could make or buy.

And if you’re a dad visiting our site, have a happy Father’s Day!