Give Dad the best Father’s Day gift yet.

Make him a heartfelt video that he can watch again and again.  Here are some ideas to get you started:

Create a “through the years” video.
father's day video

This video would look great in our “Super 8” or “Carousel” video styles.  Gather photos of you and your dad together, from when you were just a baby all the way to today.  Go the extra mile, dig into those boxes of old print photos, and scan them so you can include them in your video.  It will be a nice surprise since Dad probably hasn’t seen those photos in quite some time!

Create a thank-you video.

This is a classic video to make for Father’s Day.  Use photos that illustrate how your father has impacted your life, and include plenty of captions recalling the skills and lessons he’s taught you.

Use video clips.

If you don’t get to see your father often, consider starting and ending your video with a video clip of yourself.  A recording of you is much more personal than a title slide introduction, and your video will leave a bigger impact if the final slide Dad sees is your smiling face and kind words.

Video clips in Animoto videos are limited to 10 seconds, but if you find you have a lot to say, add your longer video clip to your video multiple times. Then adjust the video clip settings so that the second clip picks up where the first left off, and so on.

Get creative with video delivery.
schedule video delivery

Schedule your video to be emailed to Dad on Father’s Day, or if you’ll see him in person, burn the video to a DVD and wrap it!

Take a look at more examples of Father’s Day videos, then create your own!