Our Favorite Video Styles for Father’s Day

Lauren Colman


We think our newest addition to the style selector, #1 Dad, is the tops for making a video saying thanks to Dad for being so awesome.

Our Favorite Styles for Father's Day

If #1 Dad doesn’t give you the look you are going for, we have plenty of other styles to choose from. Here at the Animoto office we are big fans of Inkwell, Rustic and Animoto Original for our Father’s Day videos.

Use the Inkwell video style with its interesting ink bleed footage to display interviews with all the kids. Grab your camera and capture clips of everyone saying why they love dad. Drop in some crayon drawings and photographs of Dad for a perfect Father’s Day gift.

Give the Rustic style a go with a “Look Back” video. Start from the beginning, the first time he laid eyes on you, then work up to present day. It will be super nostalgic for Dad to see pictures of himself as a young man becoming a new dad!

Animoto Original is a clean and classic style. Use this style to create a video that shows dad how has made a difference in your life. Include captions recalling the skills and lessons he’s taught you over the years.

Our Favorite Styles for Father's Day

Get started creating your Father’s Day video or see samples of videos other people have made for dad!