After the success of our summer video challenge, we wanted to issue a second one. This time, we’re asking you to share your autumn memories with our Animoto Video Storytellers Facebook Group for a chance to win a $50 Amazon gift card in one of the three categories listed below.

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  1. Falling into Fall. Share the fun of apple picking, hay rides, or Friday night lights at the football field — any and all autumn-themed activities are eligible for this category.
  2. So Good It’s Scary. Follow your kids as they trick or treat, document pumpkin carving, or tell the tale of a creepy haunted house — as long as your video is Halloween-related, this is the category for you. Check out our Halloween video storytelling tips to help you get started.
  3. Best Story. If your video doesn’t neatly fit into the categories above, don’t worry — we’ve created a third category just to highlight video storytelling.

Fall’s a busy time with school starting, seasons changing, and Halloween on the horizon, so there are lots of stories you can share. Give us a glimpse at a whole month, a busy week, or focus on just one special event, as in the video featured below. But whatever the story you decide to tell, share your video in the Animoto Video Storytellers Facebook Group for an opportunity to win.

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To enter the Animoto Fall into Fall Challenge:

  1. Grab your favorite fall photos and video clips. If you haven’t shot your fall festivities yet, don’t despair. That just gives you an opportunity to plan out your story in advance. Choose a category for your video that you’d like to compete in:
    1. Falling into Fall
    2. So Good It’s Scary
    3. Best Story
  2. Make a fall video with Animoto. There’s no purchase necessary. Log into your account or sign up to create a free Pro trial account to start making videos in minutes. If you do have a trial version of Animoto, you can use the promo code FALLINTOFALL to remove the watermark. You can add the promo code by logging into your Animoto account, selecting “Account” and entering the promo code in the “Redeem a Promo Code” box. If you’ve already created a video that has a watermark on it, simply make a copy of your video and the copy will be watermark-free.
    Videos for the contest must include:

    1. Music from the Animoto music library. Videos using other music will not be eligible for the contest.
    2. One or more of each of the following:
      1. Photos
      2. Text slides or captions
  3. Share your video with the Animoto Video Storytellers Facebook Group. Post your Animoto video on the group’s wall by 11:59 p.m. EST, November 10, 2016 to qualify.

The prizes:

Three (3) winners — one (1) in each category — will get a $50 Amazon gift certificate.

Winners will be announced November 15, 2016 in the Animoto Video Storytellers group, and will also be notified via email. Take a look at our complete rules for more details.

Good luck! We can’t wait to see your amazing fall stories. And even if you don’t have a fall story to share, you can still join the group to see what other video storytellers are creating and share your thoughts or questions.