How to Dye Eggs Naturally – with Onions!

Beth Forester


I can still remember when my daughter was little and the great fun we had every Easter. We had a tradition of stuffing our faces with little bunny cookies we had baked the night before, while getting our hands dirty (or colorful, shall we say) dyeing eggs. And while there’s nothing wrong with dyeing your eggs with food coloring per se, it’s always nice to go the natural route — especially when little hands are involved.

My grandmother taught me how to dye eggs using onion skins — yes, onion skins! I’ve shared this technique with my daughter, and my hope is that one day, she’ll pass it on to her kids. It’s easier than you think, and personally, I just love the earthy, organic colors and patterns that surface on the eggs.

Here’s a quick video tutorial I put together, involving just 8 easy steps:

The end result is always unique and so beautiful.

How are you planning to dye your eggs this Easter? Let me know if you have any tips for dyeing eggs naturally (blueberries, beets, turmeric, oh my!) — I’d love to hear ‘em!