Watch: A Daughter’s Memorial Video Full of Light and Love for Her Mother

Moira West


The sky over the Pocono Mountains was full of light this September as thousands of bright Chinese lanterns glided up towards the sky. And one of those lanterns was floating up to the heavens in memory of Glenda Torres’s mother.

Watch: A Daughter’s Memorial Video Full of Light and Love for Her Mother

When a loved one dies, it’s hard to feel things will ever be okay again. There’s a heaviness that weighs you down and makes it difficult to move on. After four years of grieving, Glenda thought lighting a lantern in her mother’s memory would help her, and her family, heal some of their grief. And to help her remember the night, Glenda created a video featuring vivid images of the beautiful event.

Take a look at Glenda’s uplifting video, and then read our interview with her below to find out more about her story.

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MOIRA: Can you tell me a little bit about the Lantern Fest — what is it exactly?

GLENDA: The Lantern Fest is an opportunity for thousands of people to join together and create an unforgettable spectacle of light. The event is created for the community to get together around a fire pit, make s’mores, dance to live music, and, when the sun sets and the time is right, we all light up the sky with lanterns representing our hopes, fondest dreams, and reach out to loved ones who watch us from above.

MOIRA: You mentioned you wanted to light a lantern in memory of your mother — what was the inspiration for that?

GLENDA: Cherry blossoms symbolize mortality and are a reminder that life is short and to take advantage of what life has to offer. About four years ago, I lost my mother after a long battle with cancer. When my mom passed, I was expecting my daughter; I themed the baby shower with cherry blossoms, and had purchased Chinese lanterns for my family to release into the sky in her memory. Unfortunately, the weather didn’t cooperate, and we held off on releasing them. For years I wanted to do this in her memory. I finally got the opportunity, and it gave me so much peace.

MOIRA: Why did you want to make a video of your experience?

Experiencing the Lantern Festival was such an unforgettable memory. I knew I had to share it with friends and family and also create a memory for my kids to always look at. The best way to show the magic of that day is by creating a video.

To see more of Glenda’s beautiful photography, visit Or if you’d like to find a Lantern Fest near you, visit the Lantern Fest Facebook page for more information.

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