User Spotlight: Bob Pinkerton on Vacation Videos

Becky Brooks

Family Vacation Video

When Bob shared his video with us, we loved what we saw and asked him a few questions about his Animoto video. Here’s what he told us in his words.

After getting back from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, I liked the photos so much that just sending them in email or directing people to a website did not do them justice.

Video Style: Water | Song: Gary G — Summer State of Mind

More Emotion and Feeling
Combining the photos with video and music evoked so much more emotion and feeling than just publishing the photos into a physical photo book. The book also takes tons more time and costs much more. Animoto made it incredibly easy to create something eye-catching and unique that was easy to send to friends and family. Even now it brings a little tear to my eye when I watch it, (yeah, I know that is corny). I think in three short minutes you can really feel how much fun we had on the trip and how valuable that “slice of time” is given how quickly kids grow out of it. The reaction has been fantastic. We have family all over the US and Animoto is a more effective and personal way to share family moments than Facebook, YouTube, or the photo sites. My parents use email but shy away from the main social media sites – clicking through to an Animoto video is perfect.
How Bob Discovered Animoto
I attended a charity function in Denver a month ago and the organizers made an Animoto video to describe what they do. I was so impressed that when the Animoto logo came up at the end I wrote it down.

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