Capturing the Special Hanukkah Moments

Jeff Kahsen


The start of Hanukkah is right around the corner and gives us a fantastic opportunity to gather with family, celebrate the traditions of the season and capture pictures and video clips. With so many activities over the eight nights, what are the most important images for the perfect Hanukkah recap video? Start with this list and go from there!


The food we eat at Hanukkah is far from healthy. It’s fried goodness. Crowd-pleasing latkes can offer tons of photo opportunities.

  • The frying/baking process – You can take pictures of shredding the potatoes if you want but a video clip of putting them in the pan and frying them up is the bare minimum. Bonus points if you can get a picture with the kids plating them!
  • Plated latkes – Perfect for a still shot after the video clip. A plate of perfect latkes with bowls of whatever you use to dip. We love traditional apple sauce & sour cream.
  • Enjoying your hard work – If the family is open to it, getting a picture or video clip during the first few bites is always fun.
  • What remains – Take before and after pictures. Full plate, empty plate. It’s effective at showing what happened in a very short amount of time!


Games are great for getting the family together. Dreidel is a game of chance that gives everyone an opportunity to have fun and win money.

  • Spinning – This is especially good for video clips. If you have an iPhone and a slow-mo feature, you may want to give it a try here.
  • Winning and losing – Capture the sheer joy of victory and although no one likes to lose, there’s something great about the highs and lows of a gambling game for kids.
  • The prizes – Pot of pennies, pretzels, or chocolate coins. Whatever your family plays with, show off the loot!


Hanukkah is a time for families to come together and celebrate. Be sure to take pictures of your loved ones together.

  • Decor – There are lots of different types of menorahs. Making them a part of your video is a great way to show them off.
  • Lighting the menorah – The essence of Hanukkah is the lighting of the menorah. Get it in action, with a good 2-3 second video clip.
  • The story of Hanukkah – If your family takes time to tell the story of Hanukkah, be sure to take a picture of it. Read the story in a children’s book with the kids gathered close. It’s a great memory that you’ll be happy to capture and share through video.


Celebrate Hanukkah with gift giving? If you spent the time to find a meaningful present and wrap it, you will want to snap photos of the gifts and the resulting reactions.

  • Cards – If you get cards, capturing them in your video is a great way to show them off and share your appreciation.
  • Pile of wrapped presents – The tradition in many houses is to open one present each day, starting with the smallest on day one. You could go crazy here and take each one individually but it’s probably best to just take a picture of the entire pile.
  • Opening your gifts – Who doesn’t like seeing people’s faces when they open the presents? Capture their expressions in a video clip. Follow up the video clips with a single photo of the recipient with the gift.

No matter how you celebrate over the eight nights, do your best to capture the essence of the holiday and those special moments with your family. If and when you do, you’ll have all the building blocks to make an epic video recap that you can use to share and remember the time in for future years.