Capture the Color of Easter with Pictures and Video

Lauren Colman


There’s nothing more exciting than a countertop covered in colorful eggs ready to be hidden by the Easter Bunny on Easter morning. That’s just the beginning of an event bursting with color, which is ideal for a family video!

Capture the Color of Easter with Pictures and Video

This year, preserve your holiday memories by combining your photos and videos into an Animoto video that you can share with your family and friends. You can even use your iPhone to make a video for free.

With a little planning, you can capture every moment for making a great Easter video.

Be sure to capture these perfect Easter moments:

  • Decorating the eggs
  • Setting out the Easter baskets
  • Hunting for eggs (make sure to get that shot of the egg that the kids are standing next to but still can’t see!)
  • Getting ready for brunch and hangin’ with the family
  • Visiting the Easter bunny

However your family celebrates Easter, use your phone or camera to take video clips and pictures, then visit Animoto on your computer or iPhone to create the perfect video commemorating the occasion.

Happy Easter from all of us at Animoto!