New and Updated Camera Features Coming to iPhone 6 and iOS 8

Chris Barnes

Apple iPhone 6 iOS 8

Apple fans are eagerly awaiting the imminent release of Apple’s new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus and new operating system, iOS 8. With a bigger size phone and tons of new features, it is sure to please. We are most excited about the changes coming to the camera, which will surely result in some cool Animoto videos.


New for iOS 8, you can set a timer on your iPhone, so you can make sure you’re captured in the moment as well. Decide on a 3 or 10 second duration and then when you press the button, the iPhone will take a burst of 10 photos so make sure you have one of everyone smiling.

Exposure Adjustment

By default your iPhone takes pretty decent pictures, but iOS 8 lets you tweak them a little bit more to your liking if you desire. Now when you tap on a focus point in the Camera app, you can increase or decrease the brightness by swiping up or down on the sun icon next to the focus point.

iOS8 Camera Exposure Settings


The built-in Camera app available in iOS 8 now takes great time-lapse videos. Simply press the button to start, and again to stop – the camera intelligently turns a long video segment into a fast-paced recap at several times normal speed. These videos can be used inside Animoto and are treated just like any other video clip.


Moving in the other direction, lucky iPhone 6 users will be able to take video clips that slow down the action to glacial levels. You can make people run, jump, or slide at 1/8th their normal speed. Just pick ‘Slo-Mo’ when recording, and pick the appropriate speed (120fps or 240fps). Note: for best results you should trim and adjust the slo-mo effect inside the Photos app and then save the trimmed clip as a new movie for it to work inside Animoto.


Battery Life

If you use the camera on your phone a lot you know that it can be quite a battery killer. Don’t expect too much improvement in battery life with the iPhone 6 as it should compare fairly similarly to the iPhone 5s. The iPhone 6 Plus, on the other hand, should benefit from a slightly longer battery life.

iPhone 6 Battery Life Comparison

Third-Party Aids

If you don’t have the funds for the latest and greatest iDevice, don’t worry! Although the new iPhone 6 has “cinematic video stabilization” built-in, users of older phones are not forgotten. Third-party tools like Hyperlapse from Instagram allow you to both speed up video time lapses or improve on the built-in stabilization in the iPhone 5/5s or iPad.

Be sure to download the Animoto iPhone app, with easy uploading from your camera roll and favorite image hosting sites.