Updated 8/27/15: We’ve added a new style for birthdays: One Year Wiser. Vibrantly colored balloons and soft confetti combine to make this style is a wonderful choice for any birthday celebration — regardless of how many candles are on the cake!



How to Create a Memorable Happy Birthday Video

You realize it’s your friend’s birthday, and you forgot to get them something special!

It happens to the best of us, but just because you were busy doesn’t mean you have to send a run-of-the-mill “Happy Birthday!” message. You can make a video in five minutes that will leave your friend feeling all warm and fuzzy inside! Check out some great birthday video ideas.

Say “Happy Birthday!” in Your Own Way

Use captioning and title slides to wish your friend an exciting year to come. Take things to the next level and end your video in a video clip of yourself saying a personal message. This is a great option if you and your friend live far apart. It doesn’t have to be cheesy–if your friendship revolves around bad puns and affectionate teasing, include that, too!

Happy Birthday, Ben!

Create a Video with Birthday Gifts Style

Take a Trip Down Memory Lane

Consider a This is Your Life strategy. This is great for siblings or lifelong friends. You probably have hundreds of photos together! Narrow the selection down by picking shots from your most memorable adventures or just pick the most embarrassing pictures.

Create a Video with Super 8 Style


There are so many video styles to choose from that it’s almost impossible to create a bland video. The obvious choice is Birthday Gifts. Is the video for a baby or toddler’s birthday? Baby Bellissimo may be a perfect fit. Does the birthday boy/girl love to travel? Give Globetrotter a try. You can change the style as many times as you want!

Create a Video with Baby Bellissimo Style


Share your video on Facebook or send it in an email once your video is complete. If you planned ahead and made this video in advance, don’t risk forgetting about it! Schedule delivery of your video for midnight on your friend’s birthday.