Whether it’s a one-year anniversary, or a 20th anniversary, a video makes a wonderful gift. While traditional anniversary gifts dictate certain materials or gemstones, a video is something that can be uniquely personalized. So go ahead and create your own tradition with a special anniversary video, whether that’s for you and your other half, or for friends or family members.

Here are 3 key elements of making a meaningful anniversary video gift, along with a video we found of an adorable couple celebrating their 60th anniversary. (Way to go, Purcells!) But if you already have an idea in mind and are ready create your own video, you can click right here to get started on your own anniversary video gift.

Song: “Talking about Love” by Preston Smith

Tip #1: Highlight milestones or momentous events

While you might be tempted to include every single picture of your beloved or of the two of you together, it’s wise to pare things down to milestones or moments you really want to remember. Think of your video as more of a highlight reel, and less of a “here’s-an-average-Monday-night-on-the-sofa”-type slideshow.

Tip #2: Mix up photos

Here again, you might think the logical thing to do is to include every photo of your spouse or significant other or the couple you’re celebrating, but what makes a good video (i.e. one that your recipient might actually want to watch) is a little variety. Want to reminisce about your anniversary trip to Hawaii? Don’t just include pictures of the two of you together, but mix in some photos of things that’ll bring back richer memories — like that one of the baby turtle on the beach in Maui, or that epic Mai Tai served in a giant tiki mug. And don’t forget to mix in some photos of friends and family — people who are a part of the couple’s lives.

Tip #3: Include genuine sentiments

What’s special about a video is that you can add captions to your images, or weave in some title cards that contain just text; it’s where you can really express your love with words. If you don’t consider yourself much of a wordsmith, you could always include famous quotes about love instead. But the point of including text is to express how you really feel about your partner or the couple, so hopefully, you’ll have plenty to say.

The bottom line is this: there’s no right or wrong way to make an anniversary video. After all, the video is an expression of your love, and as long as it’s meaningful to you, it’s sure to be just as touching to your recipient. To all those celebrating anniversaries out there — happy anniversary!