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Katie Mulligan


We work hard here at Animoto, but we know how to play hard, too.

One of our biggest parties of the year is our Animoto Year-End-Togetherness-In-NYC, or simply, YETI*NYC. YETI is a huge, two-day celebration. We kicked it off on a Thursday with a day full of presentations and discussions. As a company, we took a look back over the previous year and looked ahead to what’s coming up in the next year. By the end of the day, everyone was inspired, motivated, and swelling with Animoto pride.

Animoto YETI

On Friday, we split into groups and competed in a fun Animoto video challenge organized by our People Services team. The activity had us running around the office and neighborhood in ridiculous hats, creating an Animoto video for a fictional business. We were so busy with our videos, we didn’t even notice that our NYC Headquarters was being transformed for the big party.

By the time the evening rolled around, we were surprised to find our office lounge decked out with classic casino gaming tables. Everyone was given some Animoto-branded funny money to get the party started. There was a DJ pumping tunes for a sweet dance floor, a magician performing tricks, and a trivia expert giving away more funny money to anyone who could answer some Animoto-related trivia. A casino celebration with dancing, food, and prizes—it all made for a memorable way to end a successful year. Of course, when we’re ready to relive those memories, we have an Animoto video that’ll bring it to life all over again!