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Which Animoto Marketing Style Should I Choose?

Moira West


Animoto Marketing has five versatile styles, with their own unique characteristics. Though the styles have some things in common — like customization options, voice-over, filters, and our incredible library of licensed music, we wanted to outline what makes each marketing video style special. Take a look:

Blank Slate

If you want a simple style, Blank Slate is a good place to start. It’s got a clean design with subtle fades and simple text animations.

Transition: Simple cut
Storyboards using this style: Step-by-Step, Company Overview, New Collection, Real Estate Agent Testimonial, Online Sale


Bold was named for its attention-grabbing, energetic style. This style features a background color on all text that helps your words stand out, even if you have busy images or video clips.

Transition: High-energy transition
Storyboards using this style: Top 5 List, Tutorial, Product Catalog


Hi-rise uses sliding transitions and drifting text to add movement and interest to marketing videos.

Transition: Regular blocks rise upwards; collage images shift to the side during transitions
Storyboards using this style: Weekly Feature, Bite-sized Produce Intro, Content Teaser, List of Tips, Photography Social Media Ad, Business Story, Property Listing


Standout has a stylish design, with sweeping transitions and fading text reveals. Text blocks feature subtle gradation, rather than just one color.

Transition: Diagonal sweep
Storyboards using this style: Social Fundraising Ad, Non-Profit Campaign, Editorial, Product Story, Portfolio, Real Estate Listing Presentation, Seasonal Promotion


The dreamy Glamour style uses light flares and stylish text treatments to add elegance to your video marketing.

Transition: Light flares; golden glow
Storyboards using this style: Service Teaser, Milestone Celebration, Photography Behind the Scenes, Save the Date, About Us

Which of our marketing video styles is your favorite? Let us know if the comments below, or reach out on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram with your latest marketing videos by posting with hashtag #MyAnimoto.