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Introducing Watermark: Your Logo in the Corner of Every Video

Megan O'Neill


We’re excited to introduce a brand new feature that’ll help you get brand recognition with every view—watermarks! With our watermark feature, you can easily put your logo in the corner of any video you create with Animoto Marketing. Sally, our Video Production Manager, gave a demo of the feature on Facebook Live. Check it out below and then read on to learn more.

How does it work? Just upload your logo in the toolbar under “Design,” pick a corner, and you’re done!

Logo Watermark

You can put your logo in any of the four corners of your video, select a size—small, medium, or large, and set your logo to transparent or opaque. Here are some tips to ensure your logo looks as good as can be:

  • Less is more. Simple, minimal logos work well. Try a single-color version of your logo, or a reduced color palette, to ensure it stands out from the video in the background.
  • Watch text placement. If you’re using text in your video, make sure the text doesn’t get in the way of your logo. If you have text subtitles throughout, opt for an upper corner to keep your logo in the clear.
  • Go transparent. Using a transparent PNG will allow you to put just your logo on top of the video without any background. If you are using a non-transparent file, crop your logo as closely as possible.
  • Keep text to a minimum. Word-only logos work well, but keep the text short and try the large size to it’s legible.

We recommend using a logo file that is at least 800 pixels on its longest side so it looks best at 1080p resolution. You can upload PNG, JPG, and GIF files.

Interested in learning more about how to create branded videos for your business? Tune in for Brand Camp the week of July 23-27 on Facebook Live. RSVP for a reminder here.