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Up, Up, and Away

Rachel Louie


With the most recent update to our iOs app, one thing’s clear: everything looks better in HD.

The video of your scuba diving trip to Mexico? Better in HD. That video of your baby’s first taste of birthday cake? Better in HD. The one of your cousin’s return home from military duty? Better in HD. You get the picture.

iOS up-res how to

If you’re already subscribed to the Personal plan on iOS, every new video you create will automatically be available in HD. Prior videos you made can also easily be rendered in HD (or “up-res”, as we say), in just a few simple steps. Once you open up the Animoto app, here’s how to up-res to HD:

  1. Go to your video details page and find the video you want to up-res.
  2. Tap the HD button.
  3. Tap UPGRADE.

Still on the Basic iOS plan? Now you’ve got another reason to upgrade to Personal and really see (pun intended) the difference of your videos in HD.

iOS up-res How-To