The Animoto Team

Meet Our Team: Sally, Customer Owner of Pro Photography & Photographer

Megan O'Neill


Last Wednesday marks two years since Sally made the long journey from Australia to New York City to join the Animoto team full time. Today, she’s the customer owner of our pro photography segment.

Sally explains, “Animoto has four main customer types — small businesses, consumers, professional photographers, and educators. As the customer owner of pro photography, my role is to be the voice of the pro photographer at Animoto. I work together with the marketing team to ensure that we’re talking to our photography customers in a way that resonates with them.”

Sally also works closely with photography influencers, plans and travels to tradeshows, events, and conferences, and speaks with our photography customers to learn about new ways we can help them boost their businesses using Animoto slideshows.

Sally’s also a photographer herself and she loves to travel. She created the following video featuring some of her great travel photos.

Sally says, “I love to travel, explore new cultures, and learn more about the world. I found that, in my early days of travel, I really wanted to share my experiences. I used my camera to do so. I wanted people to look at my photographs and feel like they’d been there, could smell the smells, taste the food, and hear the people talking. My video is a collection of some of my favorite photos taken in my favorite destinations. I do believe that being at Animoto has landed me in the best destination of all — New York City. I always dreamed of living here and now that I do I try to capture and share a little bit of the city’s magic each and every day.”

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