The Animoto Team

Remaining Steadfast in Our Commitment to Black Lives

Brad Jefferson


This month, we pause and reflect once again: On the tragic and unjust murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and far too many others. We reflect on the systemic oppression of the Black community. We reflect on the racism, violence, and injustice we so often feel powerless against.

Over the last year, we have learned that we all have a voice in this fight. We have a responsibility to our Black employees, businesses, family members, friends, and community. We have a responsibility to amplify their voices, to use our platform to share their work, and to better represent them in ours.

2021-06 Juneteenth-Campaign Blog-Graphic

Last year, we shared where we stand, and how we hoped to turn our words into action. As a company, we feel it is important to share where we are today. Furthermore, to recommit to our values, this year and every year moving forward. This work is infinitesimally small in the face of the systems that keep Black voices stifled, but we believe that each one of us doing our parts in small ways can and will lead to big change. That by working together with empathy and intention, we can create a culture of belonging for all.

We’ve learned that this fight is a journey. And while we’re far from victory, we can say that we’re closer today than we have been. And we plan to continue to do the work.

How we’re continuing to take action

Like many brands, we learned that our hearts and intentions would not change the world. Change takes tangible action, planned commitment, and open, ongoing conversation. Here’s how we’re keeping ourselves accountable.

  1. Continuing to provide free Professional accounts. We believe video can plant the seeds for true, meaningful change. We think it changes minds. That’s why we will continue to provide non-profits with free Professional accounts to help amplify the movement, and elevate Black voices.
  2. Elevating our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee. We feel it’s imperative to approach life with a growth mindset. With a DEI committee in place, we aim to plan for the future with thoughtfulness, intention, and open, ongoing dialogue.
  3. Introducing Customer Spotlights. To stand by our promise of allyship and uplifting Black voices, we seek out and share stories of BIPOC entrepreneurs and their businesses on a regular basis.
  4. Educating Ourselves. Last summer, we read and discussed ‘So You Want to Talk About Race’ by Ijeoma Oluo as a company. Since then, we have continued to hold space for learning and growth through conversation with each other and leaders in the DEI space.
  5. Encouraging dialogue with video templates. Our team will continue to create video templates designed to encourage open, peaceful, anti-racist communication and action. Templates like the Cause Awareness Campaign, Non-profit List, and Call-to-Action Quote help us support Black creators and allies the best way we know how.

As always, I stand with our employees at Animoto as we continue to find new, creative paths toward justice. We want to do more. We want to see change in our lifetime. These are a few small steps in that direction.