The Animoto Team

Hackimoto IX: A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Animoto’s Hackathon

Moira West


Twice a year, Animoto team members get to mix with people outside their department and work together to improve the way Animoto works at our company’s semi-annual hackathon (called Hackimoto, naturally). We just finished up our ninth Hackimoto — and it was one of the most spectacular ones yet, featuring a homemade piñata, an Animoto-themed card game and lots of top secret plans for improvements to our product and how it works. Take a look:

Song: “Hot in the Club” by Jez Poole, Paul Emanuel, and Ray Flowers

Teams get three days to prepare their hacks, and cash prizes are awarded for winning in one of four categories:

  • Built with New Technology
  • New or Experimental Feature in Animoto
  • Visually Compelling
  • People’s Choice

We can’t tell you all the winners (some of the projects are strictly classified), but we can tell you that there were major awards for Legends of Lafayette: The Animoto Card Game and a hand-crafted box welcoming new employees to Animoto. And if you’d like to try your hand our team’s card game, want to get ahold of our new employee swag, or you think you could hack out some amazing improvements to our product, you’re in luck — we’re hiring!