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Meet Our Team: Christine, Customer Success Advisor & Roadtripper

Megan O'Neill


Meet Christine! Christine is one of our customer success advisors and, if you’ve ever written in with a question, you may already know her!

Christine Pallas Animoto

As a member of our customer success team, Christine says, “I problem-solve tickets, work with other teams to solve issues that customers report, and take suggestions from our customers on how to better our product.”

When she’s not at the office, working to make the Animoto customer experience all it can be, she’s roadtripping!

Christine says, “I really enjoy driving. Living in New Jersey I have a bit more freedom to just get on the road and go. I’ve driven to many states, including a 21-hour drive to Oklahoma just for a 3-day rock festival. Roadtripping lets everyone in the car talk, sing, and laugh without paying the price of a plane ticket. It also allows you to see a lot more, because you’re immersed in the landscape rather than hovering over it.” Follow Christine’s adventures on Instagram!

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