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New! Universal Text Size Controls for Marketing Videos

Megan O'Neill


The days of adjusting your text block by block are over. We’ve excited to share a new Design control in our marketing video toolbar that lets you make all the text in your video the same size—Text Size!

The Text Size control lets you easily adjust the size of text across your entire project. To use it, simply click on the Design icon and drag the sliders under Text Size to set the size of titles and subtitles in every single block at once.

Universal Text Size Animoto

Text Size control tips

Text Size controls can be useful for creating consistency across the different blocks in your video. Here are some tips for helping you get the most out of this new Design control:

  • Look at the block with the most text on it, or the longest word, when adjusting Text Size. Make the text as big as possible without having words get split onto separate lines or words getting pushed off the screen. This’ll ensure you get the largest possible text size across your project, while keeping the size of text on each block consistent.
  • Adjust the size of text on individual blocks to highlight or add emphasis. Once you’ve adjusted the Text Size universally, you can still go in to make specific block text larger or smaller. For instance, you may want the text of your title to be larger than the other blocks so it stands out.
  • To learn more about text controls in Animoto, check out our resource center article on text customization.

Click below to create a new video and take global Text Size control for a spin. Happy video making!