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What Does Your Story Sound Like?

Roy Ashen

Finding Music for Your Video

Music has the power to supercharge the emotion in your videos. Music can elevate your story and reveal the heart and soul of your work. However, people choosing the perfect song can be a challenging task. But it’s easier than you might think… if you follow a few simple steps!

At Triple Scoop Music, my team and I work with the world’s top photographers, event filmmakers, small businesses and fortune 500 companies. For every client, we use a specific process to find the perfect song or soundtrack. I’d like to share this process with you.

Try taking a few minutes to follow these steps before you start a new project.


Write 1 simple, short sentence on what the “STORY” of your project is. Is this a video for promoting your business? Is this a personal slideshow for a client? If you’re 100% clear on what story you are telling, you’re much more likely to stay on track.

For example, “This story is about Sarah and Chris Smith’s romantic wedding in New York and the love between them**.” Or…”This story is about my Family Portrait business and the passion we have for making families smile.” Notice how each of these sentences makes it easy to focus on the basic story. Keep it simple and be specific.


Write down 3 words that best describe the emotion or mood of your story.

For example, let’s say the project is a wedding slideshow. Perhaps your 3 words would be elegant, romantic, and timeless. Or for children’s photography your 3 words might be playful, innocent, and happy. For a sports event your 3 words might be aggressive, intense and fast. A small business video might be uplifting, friendly and fun. These words are critical to define the overall energy and feel of your slideshow.


If you’ve completed the first two steps congratulations! You’re on the path to success. The next step is to select music that matches the 3 “emotion” keywords you wrote down.

If you’re an Animoto Pro subscriber, you already have more than 1000 hand-picked songs from Triple Scoop Music available in your account. I suggest starting with the Triple Scoop Music playlist that best matches your project type (Wedding & Love, Small Business, Family, Sports, etc.)

Triple Scoop Music Animoto

Then as you listen – keep your 3 keywords in front of you at all times. If the music does not match your keywords, it’s not the right pick for your project. When you find a song that matches the feel of your 3 keywords, you’ve found your soundtrack!


Keep in mind that you can apply this simple and effective technique to every element in your project. Your images, graphics, colors, fonts and text should all match your 3 keywords and compliment the story you’re telling. Anything that does not directly support your story or match your “3 words” should not be used.

The world’s leading visual storytellers know that focus is the key to success. When you make sure every element of your video is telling the same story, you’ll have a story worth sharing!

Roy Ashen Triple Scoop Music

Based in Los Angeles, California, Roy Ashen is the CEO and CoFounder of Triple Scoop Music, the world’s leading music service for professional photographers, event filmmakers and innovative businesses.