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Introducing Simply Stated: A Photography Style Co-Designed with Ana Brandt

Moira West


Newborn photographer Ana Brandt knew exactly what she wanted when she sat down with us to help design a new Animoto video style — something simple and soft that would suit the babies she photographs.

With her help, we designed Simply Stated, a style that’s ideal for newborn slideshows and birth announcements, though it beautifully highlights almost any genre of photography. Simply Stated gives images a gentle halo of light and integrates captions in a way that works with photos to tell a story.

Take a look at how Ana used this style to create the newborn photography slideshow below:

Though Simply Stated was designed for newborn photography, its delicate, flowing aesthetic makes it an excellent fit for wedding, portrait and children’s photography as well. It’s available to anyone with our Professional or Business Plans. Or, you can sign up for our free trial and try this style, along with more than 90 others, for free.

How are you planning to use our new video style? Let us know in the comments below.