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Why Pro Photographers Need Pro Premium for Video Marketing

Becky Brooks


Animoto has revamped the Pro Premium offering, adding features fantastic for pro photographers.

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Here’s why Pro Premium is a powerful weapon in any pro photographer’s arsenal.

Double the Triple Scoop Music

Video is especially powerful because it pairs imagery with audio. The double-whammy of sensory input makes for a more emotive way to share your work.

Triple Scoop Music in Animoto Pro library

Professional photographers know that first impressions mean a lot for both potential clients and clients in the sales room with you. Having more music options means you can find just the right song for your client’s images.

Vimeo PRO – SEO

Vimeo PRO is a $199 value and is included free with a Pro Premium Animoto account. Vimeo PRO videos are incredibly optimized for search engine discoverability.

Vimeo PRO logo-dark

Search engines don’t just serve links anymore when people search for terms (i.e. “Wedding Photographer NYC”). Increasingly, search engines also serve video, articles and other forms of content for search queries.

With fewer photographers having video out in the wild, the likelihood that your videos will appear higher within Google search is greater since Google will indeed serve a video amongst the first few pages of a serve term, yet most photographers don’t offer video.

This an easy way to help standout online (even if you’re in a saturated marketing) and improve your search engine rankings, which is important for attracting clients online.

Vimeo PRO – Analytics

Vimeo PRO contains  awesome analytics, which photographer and branding expert, Jeff Rodgers talked about on our blog. Vimeo PRO is a crucial part of gauging how and where his videos are being shared. With professional photographers relying heavily on word of mouth and click of mouse referral advertising, it’s really empowering knowledge to know who is sharing your videos and where.

B2B Selling Rights

Even many wedding and portrait photographers also do corporate work. It’s lucrative and when it’s with a company within your community, it could also be a great way to get your name out to potential customers.

With Animoto’s Pro Premium, you can sell to other businesses since B2B reselling is allowed within Pro Premium.

Custom Post-Roll Means Better Branding

When you sign-up with Pro Premium, you also get a custom post-roll that your video will end on. This is a really powerful feature that gives you the added branding within your videos. You never know who is going to check out your videos, so having your logo/branding included is crucial!

Check out what other features Pro Premium has in the video below!

Create cutting-edge videos, without the high costs of a production studio. Upload your photos or video clips and make your own video in minutes.