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Video Brings Growth to Professional Photography Businesses

Becky Brooks

Animoto Photography Survey Results

We recently surveyed our professional photography customers asking them how they use Animoto. It was thrilling to see firsthand how photographers share their clients’ most cherished memories, not to mention how they market and sell their work with video.

A few of the stats that particularly made us smile: 94% of the Animoto Pro subscribers surveyed felt that the use of video has increased customer satisfaction in their business. __83%** felt that Animoto has had a positive impact on their business, with **80% receiving positive feedback__ directly from their videos.

Animoto Photography Survey Results

We believe that when it comes to images and music, the sum can be greater than its parts. Photographers have told us how they love seeing their clients react emotionally to their images in an Animoto video. This was confirmed by our survey with 75% of respondents saying they have had a client cry when they first watched their Animoto video.

While making current clients gush is always satisfying, it’s also important to get your brand’s name out to potential clients.75% of respondents believe using Animoto has increased their brand awareness.

Knowing that our product facilitates sharing between creative professionals and their clients through the incredibly powerful medium that is video, it’s very rewarding knowing that our product is working for so many photographers. Of course we also got tons of great feedback around enhancements and feedback our customers would like to see in the future. We look at each of these requests and are using your feedback to make the product even better.

Thanks to everyone who filled out the survey to let us know what’s working and what you’d like to see from us moving forward!

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