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5 Most Popular Animoto Styles for Home Movies

Megan O'Neill


With 100 different video styles to choose from, you could make one video every week for a year and still have plenty of styles left to try. We’ve got to hand it to our awesome motion designers, who are constantly coming up with new styles, from holiday-specific ones to those that can be used for just about any occasion. Today, we’ve rounded up the 5 most popular video styles for home movies and family videos (plus one new one). Check ‘em out:


Wooden borders of various shapes and sizes beautifully frame your images in this earthy style.

Make a video with Rustic.

The Future

Your photos and video clips take on a sleek, ultramodern edge in this futuristic style.

Make a video with The Future.

Coming Up Roses

Luscious rose petals grace the screen in this beautiful style, while twinkling lights usher in romance.

Make a video with Coming Up Roses.


Acclaimed photographer Jared Platt worked with us to create a simple yet engrossing video style that puts the emphasis on your imagery. This Premium style is customizable.

Make a video with Documentary.


Splashes of ink dot the background of this vivid style, creating a colorful kaleidoscope effect.

Make a video with Inkwell.

NEW: Memory Box

A vintage filter lends a dreamy quality to this ethereal style, making it an ideal backdrop for the special memories you want to revisit.

Make a video with Memory Box.

Birthday Bonus

Making a video for someone’s birthday? Check out our most popular style for birthdays, One Year Wiser.

Make a video with One Year Wiser.