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Updated Animoto App for iOS 8

Lauren Colman


Apple released iOS 8, its newest mobile operating system, yesterday and we’ve updated our app to make your video creating even easier! Not only is the Animoto app now iOS 8 compatible but now has some great new features thanks to the latest operating system.

You can quickly access your photos and video clips from any of your iOS devices using the iCloud Photo Library. Unlike Photo Stream, iCloud Photo Library doesn’t limit the number of photos and videos you can access. So now you can add pictures from last year or last week! (Apple will be releasing this feature in beta so beware of a few potential glitches along the way.)

iCloud Photo Library to Easily Make an Animoto Video

Access to photos and video clips from any iCloud Photo Sharing albums. Apple now lets you created shared albums between users. Have a picnic in the park with friends? Invite everyone to the album to add their pictures of the day then access them all in once place to upload to your Animoto video.

iCloud Photo Sharing to Easily Make an Animoto Video

In the Animoto app you’ll find new menu options for selecting from these new photos and video clip folders. With Animoto and iOS 8 it will be a nearly effortless project to collect all of your memories from everyone involved and make an unforgettable video.

New Photo Selection Options in Animoto App iOS 8 Apple

Download the Animoto iOS app on iTunes to get started creating a stunning video.