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Our iPad App is now Landscape Compatible

Frankie Greek


Our iOS app makes it possible for you to create videos from anywhere, using photos and videos from your camera roll. If you enjoy making videos with our iPad app, there are some exciting new features with our latest update.

First things first: Animoto for iPad is now landscape compatible, making it easier for you to view and create videos.

Here’s what else is new:

Cover Image Selector

Preview cover images for your video immediately simply by clicking on an image.


Asset Selector

Now your asset selector will be both landscape and fullscreen, making it easier for you select photos and videos from your camera roll.


Style & Music Selector

You can now see more of our video styles and audio tracks in landscape mode by scrolling through them. With over 50 styles and 1,000 tracks in our music library, this should make it easier to compare and choose the ones that are right for your video.


If you haven’t downloaded our free iPad app yet, check it out here to start making Animoto videos on the go.

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