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New Video Style: Slide

Lauren Colman

Animoto Video Style Slide

It’s simplicity at its best in this crisp style. Slide, where your images take up the full screen and demand full attention.

Take a look at this video made using the new style then hop over to Animoto on Facebook to tell us what you think!

Need some help picking a song for your video made with the new Slide style? Give these tunes from our song selector a try. We think they’re a perfect fit!

  • Pacifica by Daniel Christopher O’Donnell-Smith, Jon Dix
  • Bright Spark by Paul Miro
  • Born in a Barn by Daniel Thomason
  • Bubbles on Bubbles by Daniel Christopher O’Donnell-Smith, Jon Dix

Create your Slide video today or try one of our other great video styles.