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Animoto Comes Together for Hacking, Strategizing and Partying

Katie Mulligan

New York City Skyline Phillip Van Nostrand

All around the Animoto office, we’re buzzing about a successful MYAGI*NYC (Mid-Year-Animoto-Gathering-In-NYC), our annual summer celebration that took place last week. This Animoto tradition brought in employees from all over the world to our NYC headquarters, where we spent our time project-hacking, team-building, and best of all, accomplishment-celebrating.

On Thursday, Animoto’s leaders facilitated a day of presentations that had us exploring our history, discussing our culture and company values, and getting pumped up about what’s on the horizon for our company. By the time dinner rolled around, everyone was feeling inspired — that’s when our amazing People Services team broke out the booze and surprised everyone with silly hats and a photobooth.

Animoto Team in Photo Booth

Friday was our chance to practice everything we preached the day before. Several employees took the spotlight to show off some impressive hackathon projects, and then we divided up into teams for an Animoto video-making contest. It’s invaluable to come together every once in a while to remind ourselves how lucky we are to work with such a talented team of people, on a product we’re all passionate about.

All the camaraderie we were feeling called for a big celebration, so we moseyed over to Chelsea for a boat ride around the Hudson. The stunning Manhattan skyline and excessive glow-sticks were bonuses: the real prize is getting to be a part of such an incredible company.