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Marcus Bell Queensland Flood Appeal

Becky Brooks


You may have seen the news footage of the significant flooding that occurred throughout Queensland Australia during late December 2010 and January 2011.

Many lost their lives, many more lost their homes. Three quarters of the state was declared a disaster zone. This is an area roughly the size of Texas.

A resident of Brisbane Queensland, award-winning photographer Marcus Bell is raising money to help flood victims, by placing ten of his own classic images up for sale. We had the pleasure of working with Marcus, as he was featured last November in our ad campaign.

All proceeds from each sale will be going to the Queensland Governments Flood disaster relief fund. Each signed “Artist Proof” print is an original award winning photographic work. Each unframed 24 inch print for sale for $950 (plus postage) and is printed to the highest quality 300GSM Archival cotton paper. Many of these prints represents a saving of between 50 to 75% off the normal edition print price.

In addition 20% of ALL of Marcus Bell Photographer Resources Products sold during January and February will also be donated to the fund. This also includes the 5 new Instant Effect Presets products recently released after a year in development.

For more information in relation to the floods and how you can help please visit Marcus Bell’s Blog where you will find links to both the Fine Art Prints and his Photography Resources Products.

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