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Introducing Favorites! Save Your Fave Photos & Video Clips in Animoto

Megan O'Neill


Do you have certain photos and video clips that you find yourself using time and time again in your Animoto marketing videos? How about your logo? Well guess what? Your days of re-uploading are over.

You can now add up to 100 Favorites in your Animoto account to use in marketing videos. Save your favorite assets for future use across Animoto Marketing projects. We’re excited to share how it works!

Step 1: Find Favorites in the Media tray

You’ll find Favorites in the Media tray in any Animoto marketing video project. Here’s what it’ll look like before you start adding favorites.

Animoto Favorites

Step 2: Start adding Favorites!

Next, start adding Favorites! You can add any piece of media that’s under the Project tab of your Media tray. To add a photo, video clip, or logo, simply hove over it and click on the heart icon that appears in the upper left corner.

Animoto How to Use Favorites

Once you’ve added Favorites, you can access them in the same spot in any Animoto Marketing project.

Here are a couple extra tips to help you get the most out of this feature:

  • To remove Favorites, simply deselect the heart within the Favorites tab of your Media tray. You can have up to 100 pieces of media favorited at any time.
  • You can favorite stock too! Just add stock photos or video clips from our library to your project. Then, favorite them in the Project tab of your Media tray the same way you favorite your own media.

Click below to dive in and start adding your own Favorites. Happy favoriting!