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7 Ways to Customize a Pre-built Storyboard

Moira West


Animoto’s pre-built storyboards offer a launching pad for you as you look to create your own marketing videos. But they’re only a starting point — storyboards offer lots of customization options to help you make your marketing video your own. Check out the video below — made with our School Promo storyboard! — for a few of the storyboard options you might be missing. Then read on to find out how to take advantage of those options.

1. Change fonts and colors

Don’t be thrown off by a storyboard’s font or color scheme. It’s easy to adjust the look of your storyboard so that it matches your brand or the video’s message with just a few clicks. Customize the look of your text by changing its color, enhancing its readability, or adjusting its position.

Change fonts and colors

2. Put a photo in a video block

Though a block might have a video clip, that doesn’t mean you can’t change it. Drop a photo on a video clip or text block and the block will adapt to the new content. This works for any basic block — you can add video clips to photo or text blocks, or delete a photo or video clip and leave just the text behind.

Put a photo in a video block

3. Add or delete blocks

If the storyboard you’ve chosen isn’t quite the right length, go ahead and add or take away blocks to create a video that’s a good fit for your content. Click the trash icon at the bottom-right corner of your block to delete it, or select the ADD A BLOCK button in the upper-right-hand corner to add a new block to your project.

Add or delete video blocks

4. Switch from landscape to square

Say you’ve found the storyboard you want, but it’s landscape, and you want a square video. No problem! Just go to the “Ratio” button on the left-hand-side toolbar in your video and select the aspect ratio you’d prefer.

7 Ways to Customize a Pre-built Storyboard

5. Change your video’s style

Do you like a storyboard, but the transitions or the way the text appears isn’t quite what you want? Visit the “Style” menu on the left-hand-side toolbar and you can see which style your video already has. Then, click CHANGE to select a new one to get a different set of transitions and text effects.

7 Ways to Customize a Pre-built Storyboard

6. Pick a new song

Your Animoto subscription comes with more than 2000 licensed songs — why not use them? Though each storyboard starts with a specific song, you can easily change it by heading over to “Music” on the left-hand toolbar. Choose one of our favorites for your storyboard, upload your own song, or check out our easy-to-search music library to find the right song for your video.

7 Ways to Customize a Pre-built Storyboard

7. Change up the story

When you’re choosing your storyboard, you don’t have to look for one that fits your business or the purpose of your video exactly. Instead, look for a storyboard that you like the look of, then change the text to make it your own. You can turn an education storyboard into an ad for a fashion line, or a non-profit campaign storyboard into a teaser for your blog. Use the customization tools we shared above, and you’ll be able to create a video that fits your business, no matter what that business is.

7 Ways to Customize a Pre-built Storyboard

Did you learn a new way to adjust your storyboards based on the ideas in this post? Let us know in the comments below!