Want to capture your followers’ attention in the Instagram feed? Video can be a great way. We recently launched three Instagram styles in the Animoto iPhone app and we wanted to take some time out to walk through how to use it to create 15-second square videos to share on Instagram.

Getting started is easy. Read on to find out how.

Step 1: Open the Animoto iPhone app

First things first, log in to Animoto on your iPhone. If you don’t have the app you can find it by searching for “Animoto” in the App Store.

Animoto App Store

Step 2: Select a video style

Once you are logged into the Animoto iPhone app, tap + CREATE VIDEO in the upper right corner to get started. Then, the first step is to select a style for your video. We recently introduced three new styles specifically for Instagram — Glimmer, Impulse, and Transition. Our Instagram styles create short, 15-second square videos with up to 7 of your photos. Each style features a unique song that loops seamlessly.

Tap the style you’d like to use and then tap the arrow in the upper right corner to continue. For the purposes of this tutorial, we’ve selected Glimmer.

Animoto Instagram Styles

Step 3: Add your photos

Now it’s time to personalize the video with your own photos. You can select photos from a variety of sources, including the Photos app on your phone, Facebook, or any photo apps on your phone, like VSCO Cam. You can even get totally meta and create a video for Instagram using photos that you’ve already posted on Instagram!

Once you’ve selected a source, tap up to 7 images to add them to your video. I’ve added photos from a blacksmithing workshop I did last week (…that’s right — blacksmithing!).

Select Photos

Step 4: Reorder your photos

Hold and drag your photos around to put them in the order you’d like them to appear in your video. Remember that your video will loop on Instagram and this order will be repeated every time.

Preview and Produce

Step 5: Preview and produce

Got your photos in the order you’d like them to play? Tap PREVIEW to see how it looks. Add a title and then click SAVE & PRODUCE VIDEO to finish up. Here’s how my video turned out:

Step 6: Share your video to Instagram

Now that your video is finished it’s time to share it! You can share any video that uses an Instagram style to Instagram directly from the Animoto iPhone app. On the video play page, simply click on the Instagram icon under “Share your video!” and it’ll open up the video inside the Instagram app. Share as you normally do on Instagram.

Share to Instagram

Have you made a video using one of our Instagram styles? We’d love to see it! Tag @animoto in your description or in a comment on your Instagram post.

Are you new to Animoto? Find out how it works and sign up here.