The next time someone asks you what you did this summer, just show them! With a video slideshow, you can entertain your audience while recapping all the fun of your summer. To help you get started, we’ve put together a list of five different ways you can recap your summer adventures with video. Take a look:

  1. Make a highlight reel. Edit your summer down to just a few big events and create a video that shares just the moments that were most important to you. For example, Animoto customer Shelda Botkins created this video to remember a few of the big events that happened this summer.

    Style: Globetrotter
    Song: “Summer Sunshine” by Amy Powers

  2. Create a themed vacation video. It’s easy to match music and video styles to your summer adventures. For example, if you went to Japan, you can create a video with our Kawaii style to give flair to your adventures. If you spent time somewhere tropical, you could use a soothing, beachy song like “Beachcomber” by Abbas Premjee. Or celebrate your trip to France the way I did, with a French-themed song and style.

    Style: Destination
    Song: “LeVin” by David DiGuiseppe and Footloose

  3. Make a photo-a-day video. At this point, summer’s done. But if you’re a non-stop shutterbug, like Tiffany Dahle of Peanut Blossom, or if you’re in the middle of a photo-a-day project, you can collect the photos you took each day and turn them into an easy-to-share video, like the one Tiffany created to share on her lifestyle blog, Peanut Blossom.

    Style: Clean Lines
    Song: “Shake It” by Michael Schmid

  4. Celebrate summer sports and activities. Whether you want to recap your hikes in the summer sun, or you’ve got a pile of pictures of surfing or wakeboarding, put your photos together into a short video to share the action with your audience.

    Style: Animoto Original
    Song: “A Ride” by Scott Gagner

  5. Spotlight one important event. Is there one event that defined your summer? Make a record of camp adventures, one big trip, or a fantastic summer party to help you remember it later on. For example, Animoto team member and improv genius Becky created this video to remember the amazing time she had at a 4-day intensive improv program run by Magnet Theater.

    Style: Classic
    Song: “Feels Good” by Alexi Von Guggenberg

How’d you spend your summer vacation? Share your video link in the comments below, or reach out on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram by tagging @Animoto.