You’ve made a great video on Animoto and want to share it. Maybe you want to send a copy of your product demo to your clients or send grandma a slideshow of your baby’s first year. Learn how to burn your video to a DVD on a PC and a Mac.

Burning Your Animoto Video to DVD

Before you can burn your video to DVD you will need to download your video to your computer. This feature is available to Plus and Pro accounts. You can upgrade your account now to access the ability download your file.

To burn your video to DVD on a PC

  1. Insert a writeable DVD into your computer’s DVD recorder.
  2. In the dialog box that appears, click Burn files to disc.
  3. In the Burn a Disc dialog box, type a name for this disc and select with a CD/DVD player then click Next.
  4. Select your video’s ISO file.
    Helpful hint: The default name for this file is animoto_dvd.iso
  5. Click Burn to burn the ISO to the disc.
    Helpful hint: If you want to verify that the disc image was burned correctly to the disc, select the Verify disc after burning check box.

To burn your video to DVD on a Mac

  1. Insert a blank DVD-R into your disk drive.
  2. Open Disk Utility.
    Helpful hint: You can find it via Spotlight search or find it in Applications/Utilities/Disk Utility
  3. Go to the File menu and select Open Disk Image…
  4. Find and select your video’s ISO file. Click Open.
    Helpful hint: The default name for this file is animoto_dvd.iso
  5. Highlight the file in the Disk Utility’s left column then click the black and yellow Burn button in the upper-left.

You’re done! Take the DVD out of the disk drive and don’t forget to label it.

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