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Beginner’s Guide to Animoto

Lauren Colman


We are excited that you found Animoto! Whether you use Animoto to make a video of your wedding photos, for a book report or to promote your new product, Animoto will make it easy.

Beginner’s Guide to Animoto

Create a video.
Animoto makes it easy for anyone to create professional-quality videos with their pictures and video clips within minutes. If you are just getting started here are five quick steps to producing your first video. Check out our tips for creating your first video.

Beautiful video styles. Lots of ’em.
These are no cheesy templates. Customize your video with one of over 60 beautiful styles and dozens of pro-exclusive styles. We have styles and helpers for any video you want to make, be it for travel recaps, special occasions, memories with your family/kids, or your business. Browse all of our video styles.

Share and share a Like.
Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, WordPress, you name it. Tag Facebook friends in your video. Embed your video in your blog, website or even a PowerPoint! Or if now’s not the right time to share, schedule an email of a video to be sent on a given date. Learn how to share your video.

High-definition video quality.
Your memories deserve to live in HD! Crisp, sharp, clean, and great for computers, tablets, and TVs. Stream them from in 720p HD or download the file to play from your computer. And they’re great for burning to DVDExperience the difference.

Custom branding options.
Maximize the power of video with call-to-action buttons. Direct viewers to your website at the end of your video. With Pro, you can also hide Animoto’s branding and add your logo to beginning or end of videos.

Where your photos are.
Already have your photos online? We can grab them from Facebook, Flickr, Photobucket, Picasa, SmugMug, or Instagram if you connect your account. Manage them on your computer? Use our Lightroom or Aperture plugins for easy uploading.

Got it figured out? Create a video now!