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Editing Tools in Animoto You Might Not Know About

Moira West


Animoto gives you lots of ways to make your video look its best. And some of our those tools are located in a separate editing screen you might not know about. Watch the video below to find out how you can access Animoto’s additional editing tools, then read on for a breakdown of all the tools at your disposal.

How to find additional editing tools in Animoto

Animoto divides videos into units called blocks. Each block is a single picture, video clip, text, or a special media effect. And you can get to additional editing tools for any given block by double-clicking on a block or clicking EDIT in the lower right corner.

It’s easy to jump into our editing tools any time you like. Just double click on the block you want to edit, and you’re there! You can also access additional editing tools by hovering over a block and then clicking the word EDIT when it appears.

Video editing tools

Editing a photo block

If you’re working with an image, you have lots of options available. Start with tab on the far right to see your options for editing your images in Animoto. Here’s what each of the controls do:

  • Delete an image: Click on the trash icon to remove a photo from your video. You can also replace an image by clicking the UPLOAD button right next to it.
  • Change image scale: The scale slider lets you zoom in on part of a photo.
  • Move a photo: Click and drag your image to position it where you like.
  • Rotate a picture: Select either of the rotate buttons if you want to flip your image around.
  • Crop your photo: Choose “Full Screen” to let your image take up the whole frame. You can also select “Fit to Screen” if you don’t want your photo cropped at all. Want to add extra room for text? Pick “Crop Right” or “Crop Left” to keep your photo on just one half of the screen and text on the other.
  • Add a background: If you photo doesn’t take up the whole screen, you can click on the circle next to “Color” to change the color of your background.

Photo editing tools in Animoto

Editing a video block

Video blocks have the same editing options as a photo block, but with a couple extra options.

  • Turn sound on or off: If you’d like to mute your video clips in Animoto, just switch the “Sound” toggle to “Off.” Flip it back to “On” if you want to hear the audio in your footage.
  • Trim video: Click the TRIM VIDEO button and your video clip will appear in a simple footage trimmer tool. Adjust where a video clip starts or stops by moving the sliders at either end of the clip.

Video editing tools in Animoto

Text editing in Animoto

Our text editing tools are the same for almost every type of block. Just select the T icon to access all the options available. Take a look at a few of the things you can do using our tools for text editing in your video.

  • Add text: There’s space here to enter in both a title and a subtitle. To create a line break in your text, hit Shift and Enter at the same time in Windows or Shift and Return on a Mac.
  • Change text size: You can increase or decrease the size of your title and subtitle for each individual block here. If you want to change the size of every single block, leave the editing screen. Then check out the text size tools under the Design icon on the toolbar.
  • Improve legibility: Our text editing tools let you add a transparent background to your text to make the text easier to read. Just flip on the “Legibility” toggle to add it to your text.
  • Adjust colors: If you’re looking to change the colors in just one block, head to “Color” controls. You can select different colors for title and subtitle. You will also see an option for an accent color in some styles. Pick colors for your block here or leave the editing screen to adjust colors throughout your project. You can find a project-wide color selector under Design on the toolbar.

Text editing tools in Animoto

Editing a logo block

With the same basic editing tools as photo blocks, the logo block has a couple notable editing features.

  • Add a background: Choose a photo or video clip to use behind your logo by clicking the UPLOAD button or stick to a simple on-brand background color.
  • Change animation: Your logo can appear using one of six animations, which you can change any time you want.

Logo animation is an option under Animoto's editing tools

Editing a collage block

Want to create a photo collage in your video? We have several layouts to choose from, along with tools for adjusting the scale of images, rotating photos, and moving them around to make each image in your collage look its best.

Create a video collage in Animoto

Adding voice-over

You can also add voice-over to your videos from the editing screen. Click on the microphone icon and you’ll see a HOLD TO RECORD button. Just hold down on the button to record your voice-over.

Adding voiceover in Animoto

When you’re done, you can play back your recording by clicking the play button. If you like it, you’re all set. If you’d like to make changes, hold down on RECORD or click the trash icon to delete it.

Changing the timing of different blocks

When you’re in Animoto’s editing tools, you’ll see a number next to the other icons at the top of the Edit toolbar. This tells you how long your block will appear on screen. If you click on the number you’ll see either the TRIM button or plus and minus signs that’ll let you shorten or lengthen the time a photo, collage, or text block is on the screen.

Video trim and timing controls in Animoto

Ready to explore Animoto video editing tools? Create a video today to find out all that you can do.