From Downloading to Sharing: 21 Creative Ways to Use Your Animoto Video

One of the questions we hear most often at Animoto is, “Now that I have my video, what should I do with it?” The short answer — a whole lot. We’ve come up with 21 different ways to use your video once you’ve created it. Take a look and see which ones you’re using, and which you might want to give a try.

  1. Download it to save it. When you download your Animoto video, you’ll always have it on your computer when you want it.
  2. Put it on YouTube. Putting your video there helps new people discover it.

  3. Post it on your website. You can use your YouTube link to increase SEO, or your Animoto video’s URL. If you use WordPress, you’ll find you can easily embed our videos.
  4. Share on Facebook. Did you know you can upload to Facebook directly from Animoto? Here’s how.
  5. Post it to Instagram. We’ve got a collection of new mobile styles that are designed just for Instagram, if you need inspiration.

    Style: Blank Slate
    Song: “Boom Boom” by Alexi Guttenberg

  7. Tweet it out. While you’re sharing your video on social media, don’t forget to tweet! Twitter now allows videos up to 140 seconds long.
  8. Pin it. Pinterest is a great place to share your video, especially if you’ve got something informative to post, like a how-to video.

    Style: Blank Slate
    Song: “Maybe” by Sparrow

  9. Add it to LinkedIn. Show that you’re a video marketing expert by adding a video to your LinkedIn page.
  10. Email it to a friend. Great videos ought to be shared, so send yours to friends, family, or even colleagues who might appreciate the gesture.
  11. Add it to a real estate site. If you’ve got a house to sell and a real estate video to match it, try adding your video to real estate websites like Trulia or Zillow to get buyers interested.
  12. Show it at an event. Photographers can create same-day slideshows for weddings, or you can prep a video ahead of time to show in the background at a party.
  13. Create an intro for a presentation. Have to make a presentation at a rehearsal dinner or a corporate event? Take the pressure off with a short video.

    Style: Coming Up Roses
    Songs: “Shine” by Curious; “I Found Love” by Cynthia Felton;
    “Talkin’ About Love” by Preston Smith

  14. Share with students or parents. Teachers: You can use video to introduce units to students or give parents a classroom overview on back-to-school night.
  15. View it on your phone or tablet. Whether you’ve made an on-the-go travel video, a mobile video at a corporate event, or just want your video business card handy, keep your video on your mobile device so that it’s there when you need it. Adding our app to your iPhone, iPad, or Android device makes it even easier to make your videos look great on mobile.
  16. Use it to raise funds. Charities looking to find backers for their initiatives can post their videos on crowdfunding sites like Go Fund Me or CrowdRise.
  17. Show it to a client. If you business has a TV, try a storefront video like the one below, or fire up your computer to show clients video slideshows you’ve created just for them.

    Style: Documentary
    Song: “Jump Start-up” by Skinny Williams and Steve Fawcett

  18. Watch it with your kids. Pop on a “movie” starring your little ones and they’ll be thrilled that they’re the star of the show.
  19. Do your homework. Jazz up projects for school (or work) with videos illustrating your concept.
  20. Give it as a gift. Share your video with loved ones or clients by creatively packaging a thumb drive, DVD, Blu-ray disc, or even by sharing a web page.
  21. Create your Facebook profile. Make a short video and turn it into your Facebook profile image.
  22. Get feedback from our Facebook groups. If you want tips to make your video better or just want to brag about how great your video is, pop by our Facebook groups for photographers or for video storytellers.

Now that we’ve given you 21 ways to use video, get started sharing your work. And don’t forget to let us see the results by tagging @Animoto on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube . . . you get the idea.