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6 Things To Do with the Animoto Mobile App

Moira West


Just because you aren’t in front of your computer doesn’t mean you can’t use Animoto. The Animoto mobile app, which is available for iOS and Android devices, lets you turn your photos and video clips into share-worthy videos no matter where you are. Here are six ways you could be using our app to create amazing, timely videos of your own.

6 Things To Do with the Animoto Mobile App

1. Recap travel. Why wait till you get home from your vacation to start your video? Create your video on the go, and share your trip as it happens with friends and family at home.

Slideshow Video Style: Documentary
Song: “Gone” by Will Thomas

2. Use other apps to help create your video. Some content lives on your phone. If you’ve downloaded a Snapchat Story, or edited photos or video using a favorite app, transferring those files to your computer to use in your video is an extra step the mobile app lets you skip. Just upload them directly to Animoto from your Camera Roll or Gallery.

3. Keep up with that photo-a-day project. Photo-a-day projects are popular, and if you’re capturing most of your images on your phone, it’s easy to share them by combining them into a video on your phone.

Style: Documentary
Song: “Again” by Secrets in Stereo

4. Get in on an event. There’s a window for posting relevant content related to a big event. Put your video out there right away by creating it on your mobile device. Your video will feel more relevant and exciting than it will in a few days when you get a chance to sit down at the computer.

5. Post to Instagram. Though you can post to almost any social media account from Animoto, we have special mobile styles designed just for Instagram.

Style: Blank Slate
Song: “Boom Boom” by Alexi Guttenberg

6. Get started on your same-day slideshow. If you’re attending a wedding or other celebration, or if you’re a photographer, the Animoto mobile app can help you start your slideshow of the event on the same day. If you’re a guest, the host will love the instant gratification, and, if you’re a photographer, your client will be even more impressed.

How are you using our mobile app? Let us know in the comments below, or reach out on Facebook or Twitter by tagging @Animoto to share your video.